Clarksburg man threatened to killed Hispanics, feds say

A Clarksburg man was arrested in Seattle last week after he allegedly threatened to kill a South Florida resident, along with “all Hispanics in Miami and other places” on Facebook, according to federal investigators.

Investigators say Eric Lin, 35, used the social media platform to make “multiple threats."

Lin was charged with making threatening communications, via a complaint filed in Miami.

Court documents show that Lin's alleged target produced more than 150 pages of printed out pages featuring threats of murder and rape, racial slurs, and pro-Hitler comments.

In addition, a search warrant produced a series of direct messages that Lin allegedly sent to another person via Facebook asking that person to kidnap his target and bring her to Seattle.

Lin was taken into custody in Seattle, where he made his initial court appearance.

The Department of Justice did not elaborate on why Lin was in Seattle, nor did they explain his connection to South Florida in a news release sent to local media.