Cicadas bring familiar summer buzzing sound back to DC region

Do you hear that buzzing sound coming from the trees? It could be the familiar chorus of the dog-day cicadas.

Typically seen during the summer and early fall months in areas across the country, including parts of the Mid-Atlantic, the dog-day cicadas usually make a high pitched mating call that some say sound like a buzz saw. The calls typically last for around 10 seconds and taper off toward the end.

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Dog-day cicadas are harmless and are usually eaten by small mammals and other insects. Sometimes the noise from their calls can be very loud and continuous. In May of 2017, thousands of cicadas unexpectedly hatched off-schedule in Maryland.

The Fairfax County Park Authority captured an image of a cicada pupa that they say crawled out of the ground and emerge from its shell. It's not uncommon to spot the shells on trees and other objects as the cicadas leave them behind.

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So if you hear that buzzing sound - don't be alarmed! It's just one of the sounds of summer!