Church urges members to boycott Redskins

The Washington Redskins have a new opponent in the name debate.

The United Church of Christ has passed a resolution urging members to boycott both the team and its merchandise. The resolution calls the team's name "racially insensitive to Native Americans."

Rev. Timothy Tutt of the Westmoreland Congregational United Church of Christ in Bethesda has delivered sermons on treating people with respect. He says his church's message to D.C. football fans is a question of conscience.

"The vast majority of the people here at Westmoreland understand the term is derogatory, that many Native Americans are offended by the term," Rev. Tutt said.

But some football fans say churches need to stay out the Redskins name debate.

"We're supposed to love each other and love everyone and whatever their decisions are, it's their decision. It's not my decision. It's not gonna keep me from going to heaven," said one fan.

"Football is a private corporation. Churches should not be involved in making decisions for private corporations," another fan said.

The United Church of Christ says while it's urging members to boycott the Redskins, no one would face punishment if they keep supporting the team.

A spokesman for the Redskins had no comment on the boycott.