Chopawamsic Island in the Potomac River on sale for $15 million

Ever dream of owning your own island? Well here's your opportunity -- and you don't have to go far!

Officially called the Chopawamsic Island, the 13 acres of trees, beach and history is located in the Potomac River about 1000 yards from Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia.

Much of the island is overgrown and its history is a little cloudy -- but here a few historical tidbits about what could be your new home:

- About 30 minutes from DC by speed boat! Plus, it has cell phone service!

- Will you encounter wildlife? Probably! Especially snakes!

- Because of its proximity to Marine Corps Base Quantico some parts of the water are restricted.

- The island last sold for $375,000 in 1991 - its current listing price? $15 million!

- The island's former owners once hosted regular parties but no one has lived there in about 40 years.

- Electricity was provided to the island by use of underwater cable

- Native Americans were believed to have used the island for generations

- In the 1890s, Samuel Langley and Alexander Graham Bell tested airplanes off the shore

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