Cheetos meets popcorn for a dangerously cheesy theater experience

Cheetos popcorn is revolutionizing the game for theater concession stands!

If at your last theater visit, you felt unsatisfied with your movie snacks it's probably because you haven't had Cheetos popcorn.

This is not a drill, they're dangerously real!

In a recent theater visit, twitter user cbranch89 stumbled across the Eighth Wonder of the World and tweeted the heaven sent snack. It caused an uproar on Twitter-- a good one.

-- Chris Branch (@cbranch89) November 16, 2017 >

But the real question is, WHERE do they sell this? We needed answers!

FOX 5 posted the picture on Instagram with the question. And it wasn't before long until Instagram users began to chime in on it's location.

According to @rarebeauty_22 the Regal Majestic Stadium 20 in Downtown Silver Spring, M.D. has the goods!

But be sure to snag extra napkins, it's guaranteed to leave you with cheesy fingers!