Cheers to the Weekend: Off The Record Pimms Cup

It's that time of the week where we say "Cheers to the Weekend!" David Metzner from Off The Record at the Hay-Adams Hotel joined us on FOX 5 News and he served us up an Off The Record Pimms Cup.

Cocktail: Off The Record Pimms Cup

- 1 oz of gin
- 1 oz of pimms n1
- 1/2 oz of domain de canton ginger liquor
- 1/2 of home made ginger syrup
- 6-8 oz of homemade lemonade
- 1 oz of seltzer

- 1 slice of cucumber
- 1 half of a strawberry
- 1 slice of orange
- 4-6 fresh mint leaves

Mixing the drink
- Using a 20 oz glass filled with ice
- Add all ingredients over ice
- Stir lightly, then garnish

Off The Record at The Hay-Adams
800 16th Street, NW
Washington DC 20006