‘Chaotic’ pool party guests overrun Brandywine house

Charles County Sheriff’s officers helped shut down a party at a house in Brandywine on Saturday night after finding approximately 600-800 people in attendance.

Patrol officers arrived at the house following reports of the party, traffic complaints and disorderly behavior. The party’s promoters, who rented the pool from the homeowner, advertised the event on social media.

The promoters’ security personnel started clearing out the event when the crowd became overwhelming..

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office says a total of four officers responded to assist with traffic control. Deputies were called after the security company hired for the pool party needed help escorting people out. One partygoer ended up being arrested and charged with assaulting a guard.

"They were urinating in our yard, and another neighbor told me they saw them urinating in their yard," said one neighbor commenting on the party. "It was chaotic." 

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‘Chaotic’ pool party guests overrun Brandywine house

FOX 5 discovered the home where the party happened is offering up their pool for rental on the website Swimply. They call it "Inheritance Paradise," hosted by Michael for $60 per hour. The listing reveals only 50 guests are allowed and parking is available for up to 49 cars. However, residents say there were a lot more than that.

"I would have to estimate over 250 up to 400 cars, and so if each of these cars have 2 or 4 people, maybe there were 1,000 people at this party," said another neighbor. 

A similar incident took place in Potomac last month, with over 1,000 guests attending a mansion pool party.

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Another flyer was promoted on social media, saying Melanin Pool Party Part 2 is scheduled for Saturday, June 22, potentially in the same location. That post has since been removed. 

Charles County says their zoning inspection team is preparing a notice of violation for this property in question.