Caught on camera: Teen tries to kick in door of Grayson home

A teenager trying to kick in the door of a Gwinnett County home and then ran away. The incident was caught on camera early Monday morning.

The homeowner said she and her husband were watching television in their Shenandoah Lane home around 1 a.m. when they heard the teen kick the door. She ran to get their gun while her husband went to investigate and saw a group of teens watching the house.

WATCH: Home surveillance video captures teen kicking door

"There was just this bang at the door, it just startled us. We hopped up like 'What was that?''" said the woman.

Concerned for her family's safety, the Grayson resident asked FOX 5 News not to use her name as she recounted the ordeal.

"I checked the camera and I saw the boy kick the door like he was trying to kick it down and just ran down the street," said the woman.

A surveillance camera mounted near the front door captured the violent act. A second camera posted nearby recorded that teen and several other people running down the street afterwards.

"So I'm thinking 'OK, maybe they were playing a game or something.' I don't know what was going on, but later on they came back. They were really trying to test the waters before they came in," said the woman.

She said the teens stood across the street, watching the house before running into nearby woods when officers arrived.

"It's a scary feeling to know somebody could've come in and invaded you invaded your house and put your family in danger. It's very scary," said the woman.

The couple said they were prepared to defend themselves being, fully armed with a handgun and high-powered rifle while waiting for the police.

"It just shows the importance of having security around your house. Have cameras, something to protect yourself because if they had come in what would you do?" asked the woman.

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