Campaign urges driver and pedestrian safety as daylight saving time ends

Law enforcement agencies in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia are warning drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists about the increased dangers of being on the road as daylight saving time ends.

Crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists on area roadways often increase in the fall months because commuters are traveling during periods of darkness.

The Street Smart campaign, launched by area authorities on Friday, is designed to help reduce pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and deaths.

Drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and pedestrians who jaywalk can face fines up to $500. In addition, drivers are subject to receiving points on their driver records.

The Street Smart campaign encourages drivers to slow down and look twice for people at crosswalks. Officials also suggest that those on foot and on bicycles wear light colors or something reflective to be more visible, and to watch for turning vehicles at intersections.


- Make eye contact with drivers when crossing streets.

- Wear bright colors or reflective clothing and/or accessories at night.

- Carry a flashlight when walking in the dark..


- Keep vehicle headlights and windows (inside and out) clean.

- Do not use high beams when other cars or pedestrians are around.

- Slow down during rain and fog.