Caitlyn Jenner donates $30k to local LGBTQ non-profit

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A high profile figure in the LGBTQ community was in the Valley on Friday, as Caitlyn Jenner stopped by Mulligan's Manor in Tempe to donate much-needed funds to the non-profit organization.

Jenner has been working on raising funds for her organization for about a year now, and said her foundation's main goal is to promote equality, and combat discrimination.

"Today it's so simple. I wake up in the morning and be myself all day," said Jenner, who is working to make it the same reality for all people in the LGBTQ community. On Friday, she, along with Caitlyn Jenner Foundation Executive Director Sophia Hutchins, gave $30,000 to Mulligan's Manor, an organization that helps at-risk LGBTQ youth with housing, counseling services, and life skills training.

"I want to concentrate on this next generation coming up, the ones that are 5 to 15 to 20 years old, this next generation coming up to make it easier for them. Don't put all of these challenges out in front of them. Make it more normal," said Jenner.

"It's for education, medications for people that can't afford them. It's also to help us maintain because we are a non-profit," said Chuck Hawkins, COO of Mulligan's Manor.

Jenner is using her celebrity and voice to make a difference. She has even expanded the foundation to provide scholarships.

"We want trans people to be represented in colleges," said Hutchins. "We want trans people to be represented in careers. We want trans teachers, we want trans doctors, we want trans lawyers."

Jenner says she will continue to fight for the rights of people in the community.

"We need hard legislation on equality in this country. We need amendments to the Civil Rights Act for the LGBTQ community," said Jenner. "There's no reason why politically, we have to treat one group of people this way and another group of people this way."

After delivering the check, Jenner was able to go meet some of the youth involved with the organization.