Businesses cashing in on "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie craze

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Local businesses are cashing in on the "Fifty Shades of Grey" hype.

The owner of Night Dreams, a sex shop in Vienna, Va., says items related to the film are flying off store shelves.

Brenda Long says sales first began to spike two years ago when the book came out, and now with the new trailer and anticipation over the movie, she is selling out of items.

Long believes the books have led to a learning experience for some.

"The average housewife, the average woman that has never tried light bondage is being introduced into it," she said.

She continued, "She's finding there are items she is curious about, that she never knew about."

In D.C., Farm to Feast Catering is capitalizing on the craze by offering customers a $1,500 Valentine's Day dinner. It comes complete with gold-plated handcuffs, a leather riding whip and a wearable chocolate fondue dessert.

In Maryland, a spokesman for the new iPic in Bethesda says tickets to the Thursday night premiere have all but sold out and they are expecting the same for the coming days.

A cocktail they are calling the "Red Room of Pain" is on the theater's drink menu this weekend.

Spokesperson Alex Reed says there is a Valentine's bonus on Saturday. The first hundred people who order the drink will also walk away with a pair of red, furry handcuffs.