Bride has two weddings in one day so her father could attend

One Bay Area woman had two weddings in one day, all so that her dad could walk her down the aisle.

Vieneese Stanton and her fiance were planning on getting married in April of next year. But when Stanton's father was diagnosed with leukemia in February and given only months to live, the couple decided to get married sooner.

On top of that, Stanton is expecting a baby.

Stanton says, "Given the news of his life expectancy and that he may not be here when the baby arrives in March, we chose to speed up our wedding and get married at city hall in San Francisco".

But because of her father's weak immune system, she knew he couldn't attend her wedding. That's when the nurses at UCSF Medical Center helped Stanton plan a surprise wedding at the hospital.

Her father got to walk her down the aisle and celebrate with the newly wedded couple.

Stanton says, "Having two weddings in one day was very difficult but very worth it!"