Boy's wheelchair transformed into epic Halloween costume

Blake Gregory Mompher loves school buses so much, his grandfather transformed his wheelchair into one for Halloween!

The 5-year-old was born with Spina bifida and got his current wheelchair before he turned two.

"Surprisingly he cried when he first got his wheelchair. Now he's a pro; does spins and wheelies daily," Megan Mompher, Blake's mother, told FOX 5.

And because Blake has a thing for school buses, mainly because he loves the color yellow and sees his sisters ride one to school everyday, his mother thought it would be brilliant to turn his wheelchair into a bus for Halloween.

With inspiration she found on Pinterest, Blake's grandfather worked three days to create the epic costume! It even read, "Blake's County Schools."

Megan's message to other parents whose children are being diagnosed with Spina Bifida is that it's going to be okay. "Your child will be amazing and will bring you so much joy, more than you can imagine." Megan said, "Blake sure has been that for our family."