Bowser: Total DC crime down by 11 percent; Ballou investigation continues

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser visited FOX 5 to talk about Washington, D.C. heading into 2018.

Bowser, who is beginning her third year as mayor, said D.C. is fiscally strong and will continue it fight for statehood. She said the District's main challenge is affordable housing and that around 800 people per month move to D.C.

The Mayor said that the Office of the State Superintendent is currently investigating the practices at Ballou High School following reports that the 2017 graduating class may not have meet graduation requirements. "Chancellor Wilson is already looking at things specific at Ballou and things that need to be change," said Bowser. The Office of the State Superintendent's report is due out in two weeks.

Bowser said if the investigation finds serious mistakes were made those who made them will be held responsible.

Crime numbers in D.C. feel in 2017. There have been a 22 percent reduction in violent crime, a nine percent reduction in property crime, and an 11 percent decrease in total crime. Bowser said more police officers have been retained and hired. The main focus of Bowser's crime plan is illegal guns and repeat offenders.