Bill Cosby's art collection to remain on view at Smithsonian

WASHINGTON (AP) -- While many companies and universities have distanced themselves from Bill Cosby as sexual misconduct allegations mounted, Smithsonian officials have concluded an exhibit showcasing his art collection should continue.

Smithsonian Undersecretary Richard Kurin says the display is an art exhibit, not a tribute to the life and career of Cosby.

About a third of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art's 50th anniversary exhibition came from Bill and Camille Cosby's extensive African-American art collection. Two-thirds came from the museum's own collection.

Even without the assault allegations, the exhibit raised concerns. Showcasing a private collection in a prominent museum can enhance the artwork's market value.

Now the Smithsonian has revealed to The Associated Press that the Cosbys also funded the exhibition with a $716,000 gift.