Bigfoot-like creatures spotted in web-cam video near Old Faithful Geyser

Are you a bigfoot believer?

Take a look at this video before you answer that.

Video posted online taken of the Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park shows not one – BUT FOUR – bigfoot-like creatures marching through the snow.

The video was posted to YouTube by user Mary Greeley. She says it was published on Dec 29, 2014.

Most of the video of a web-cam focuses in on the buffalo in the foreground. At around the 2:50 mark, the first of four mystery figures can be seen moving from screen right to left in the background. The first bigfoot-like creature walks along a patch, goes out of view behind a tree, and reappears on the other side. The three other figures remain hidden behind the tree.

The footage of the mystery figures is very quick – it ends at about 3:15 when the camera abruptly pulls out.

Check out the whole video here: