Bear seen in Manassas, latest sighting in northern Virginia, captured on video

A bear sighting in Manassas Thursday morning that was captured on video has become the latest in a string of bears seen in northern Virginia over the last week.

Thursday's sighting was captured by Calinda Hawkins and her daughter Ashleigh Quilhot at their home on Passage Creek Lane.

In the video, that was taken through a window, the bear can be seen sitting next to a tree near a wooded area close to the house.

On Monday night a bear was seen near a house in Triangle, Virginia. The Williams family was outside with two young children when they spotted the animal and rushed inside. They were able to take some video of the encounter.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says while there are more than 17,000 bears across the stat there has never been a fatal attack by a black bear on a person in Virginia.