Bandaged man carrying knife on freeway was not a Halloween prank

It was a haunting sight caught by drivers on a busy freeway right before Halloween. But what they saw, was possibly an actual horrific scene. Lisa Shields says Monday afternoon was terrifying

"This is just a bizarre coincidence like walking dead scenario. this guy is in the middle of the highway - even if it is a prank, he is not mentally sound," said driver Lisa Shields.

The man she saw wandering on the 10 freeway had bandages covering his face and was holding what appeared to be a weapon. But this didn't appear to be a pre-Halloween prank

"Tape around the head. Bandaged head, bandaged left hand, and carrying something in his right hand which I got close enough to see was a knife," said Shields.

Lisa starting shooting with her cell phone.

"I'm pulling up parallel right beside him and his eyes are closed. His eyes are closed. I'm videoing it to make sure I'm getting it," said Shields.

She called 9-1-1 soon after.

"They said no it was not a prank, we picked him up. He is mentally ill, we brought him back to the hospital and that's all they could say," said Shields.

We called CHP ourselves. They confirmed the man was taken to a Marina Del Rey hospital.

"It was very intense. Height of traffic. People were honking - it was classic LA," said Shields.

Shields is glad he got the help he needed, but she believes this person is symbolic of a much bigger Los Angeles problem

"I mean this guy was from the hospital but there are a lot of guys like that we drive passed all the time that everyone drives past all the time," said Shields.

The man was taken to the hospital on a 2-day hold. It's still a mystery on who he exactly is.

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