Baltimore business owner protects restaurant from looters

Business owners in Baltimore are left picking up the pieces following Monday's violent riots throughout the city.

But the looters didn't hit every spot in sight.

The owner of Midtown BBQ and Brew appeared on FOX News Tuesday and shared what he did in order to protect his business.

"Well we were out there for about eight hours with ax handles. It was me, a couple of my brothers, and one of my dogs," said owner Tony Harrison.

When his neighbor's business was broken into, Harrison had already gone inside. "Well at that point we would have tried to intervene had we been outside. But by that point, it had grown dark. I had gone inside, and was inside with the lights off in case someone broke in, I was going to make introductions for them ... myself, the dog, and the Lord."

"First of all, the police in Baltimore are awesome. We've got a great force. They're great guys and they were trying to do a job. Their command failed them. The Mayor failed them. They reacted very poorly because of that," he said.