Baby found unresponsive in DC home dies

Authorities said a baby found unresponsive by siblings at a D.C. home died Wednesday.

The 7-month-old infant was taken to Children's National Medical Center after one of the siblings called 911. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

In addition to the baby, who happens to be a twin, there were five other children under the age of 10 inside the home on Van Buren Street in Northwest. Authorities who arrived on the scene contacted Child and Family Services after it was found they were unsupervised.

Neighbors said the children are normally under the care of their grandmother.

"I'm in a state of shock," said neighbor Cheryl Owens. "I'm hearing that no one was there and the kids were there alone and this is not the grandmother that I know. She's very hands-on with her grandchildren. Always planning and doing events. Any kind of activity, you name it. She is a really great grandma."

"I see them all the time participating in school activities," said another neighbor. "They seem like a normal fun-loving kids and a family. It is just a horrible tragic incident. I'm not really sure where the problem took place or what happened in this situation. We are all completely flabbergasted by this."

D.C. police said they have located a parent for the children.

The child's death remains under investigation. No charges have been filed in this case.