Austin police purchase their own body cameras

About 25 Austin police officers have purchased their own body cameras to use while on-duty.

They say the cameras can help in their investigations.

One officer, Marcos Johnson, captured video on a body camera that he purchased with his own money. Police say in this case, the video proved the suspect involved lied about how Johnson treated him.

"He was running after a suspect when the suspect fell after he was tased. He tased him twice. The person said he tased him numerous times, so this showed, right there immediately, that didn't happen," said Austin Police Department assistant chief Jason Dusterhoft.

Police say the use of body cameras could speed up investigations both internal and external.

Dusterhoft said the body camera can be used for training and as a type of third-party witness.

Charley Wilkison, executive director of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas says in many cases body cameras could end up helping officers more than suspects.

"That's going to be the uncomfortable truth that all the folks screaming for cameras are going to come to the realization that officers are acting in the public's interest they're following their training and police departments are training officers the right way," said Wilkison.

Unfortunately, body cameras may not be the end all say all for every investigation.

Like it or not, Austin police officers can expect body cameras in the near future.

"This is something we feel that anyone doing any type of law enforcement duties, whether they're in uniform, should have one of these cameras," said Dusterhoft.