Attempted murder charges for Maryland man accused of fires shots over parking spot

A Columbia man is facing attempted murder charges after he allegedly shot at a driver who had parked in his assigned parking space.

Howard County police responded to a townhouse community in the 6300 block of Red Haven Road in Columbia around 2:15 a.m. Monday.

Neighbors say the accused shooter, 47-year-old Cornelius Harcum, lives in the community and the man he shot at was visiting friends.

The victim tells police the suspect approached him and told him to move before firing three shots at him. The victim was not injured, but two bullets struck his vehicle.

Dania Jecty tells FOX 5 she was having a birthday party at her home.

"So we're having a good time and apparently one of the people that came parked in (the neighbor's) spot, unknowingly obviously, and instead of a conversation, shots were fired instead," Jecty said.

She says she hasn't had trouble with her neighbor before.

"When you live two doors down from someone you meet them in passing," Jecty said. "Never anything crazy. You know, 'hi' and 'bye.' It's always been pretty polite."

The woman who answered the door at Harcum's home had no comment.

Harcum is facing a long of charges including attempted first and second-degree murder, first and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. Court documents show he's a convicted felon and not allowed to own a gun.

The Howard County State's Attorney's Office says it did not release Harcum's mugshot because investigators still have witnesses to interview and don't want to compromise the investigation.

Friends of the victim realize how much worse this could've been.

"Luckily, I guess, that was best case scenario of getting shot at. He didn't get hit, but mentally I'm sure he's scarred for life," said Jecty.

Columbia was named the safest city in America last month in a study by Wallethub.

There were no homicides in Howard County in 2018, according to police.

"We thought it was a pretty safe neighborhood," Jecty said. "You know, we had people over because it was a safe space. So it was really disappointing that this happened."