Atlanta City Hall filled with anti-Trump protesters

It began small, but within minutes of Donald Trump taking the Oath of Office as the 45th President of the United States, demonstrators appeared from different sections of downtown, temporarily blocking traffic.

Police had their hands full. They allowed the inaugural day demonstrators to make their way to a rally location. The demonstrators ended up at City Hall. Meanwhile down the street, the State Capitol steps were blocked off with lines of state troopers.

The protesters chanted "we don't have a president." But the anti-Trump message was only part of the loud and colorful demonstrations.

One protest was organized by a coalition of community groups called the Georgia January 20th coalition. They called for Atlanta to be declared a sanctuary city and submitted a list of demands to the mayor's office following the demonstration. A representative said the mayor's office would review the demands and would respond.

Organizers of the other group, We the People, said they want to use anger resulting from Trump's election to drive social, political and economic justice.

Lisa Mestas, a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the democratic convention, rattled off a host of issues from global warming to subsidized education that she believes in. She said she doesn't believe president Trump supports any of her issues.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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