Armed thieves caught on camera stealing Canada Goose coat from American University Student

Another Canada Goose coat was stolen off the back of a D.C. resident.

This time, D.C. police believe the thieves took the expensive jacket from an American University student. And it was all captured on camera. 

The teen who was robbed spoke exclusively to FOX 5 on Tuesday – a week after the terrifying incident. 

He says he was minding his own business, riding his bike on Dec. 12 around 3:45 in the afternoon, wearing his Canada Goose coat on 41st Street NW when a white car drove next to him, blocking his path.


Thieves target expensive Canada Goose jackets in DC

"It is something I have to think about, just putting my jacket on," American University student Meera Hajarnis said. That’s because she was wearing a Canada Goose jacket, which has become a target for thieves.

Two people got out, and police say one suspect appeared to point a gun from inside their coat at the student.

The second suspect demanded the Canada Goose jacket, and allegedly said, "Give me the coat, or I’m going to kill you."


GWU warns students beware of Canada Goose thieves

Thieves in D.C. are targeting Canada Goose jackets. George Washington University sent out a campus alert this week telling students to be careful.

The teen gives them the coat, they get back inside the car and speed away down the 4700 block of Belt Road NW.

"I kinda saw what was going to happen coming as soon as they started driving quickly towards me," the student said. "It was a pretty scary thing I hope no one has to go through. That shouldn't be happening so close to a high school and AU and where a lot of people were walking around – especially in broad daylight." 

Detectives have released the surveillance video in hopes of catching the suspects. 

Check it out below: