Arlington parents push for stricter cell phone policy

Arlington Public Schools are hoping to implement an "away for the day" policy to limit students' usage of their cell phones at school.

Parents are demanding the schools take action and implement stricter policies on cell phone usage in the classroom. Arlington Parents for Education is the community group pushing for this change in policy. They are requesting a stricter universal policy for cell phones across the school district.

The policy would mean personal devices are turned off and away during the school day to promote a better space for kids to learn and stay focused. 

Arlington Parents for Education wrote a letter to the Arlington Public Schools superintendent Francisco Duran, offering their concerns and requests for change. Arlington Parents for Education says their "away for the day" policy would lead to better outcomes in student performance as well as improve kids mental health regarding stress levels and anxiety. 

FOX 5 has learned the school district’s School Health Advisory Board is expected to recommend the *away for the day* policy at a board meeting in late June. The School Health Advisory Board is also expected to recommend this policy at the school board meeting later in the month.

"We are still working with school administrators and looking at data from a couple of pilot programs very closely. We plan to have an update for next school year," said Arlington Public Schools in an email to FOX 5. 

Arlington Parents for Education tells FOX 5 they will be resending their letter to the full school board on June 20 for the next school board meeting and when the Student Health Advisory Board is making recommendations on "away for the day"