Arlington 'Missing Middle' homes debate continues

A hot button housing issue in Arlington continues to divide residents as officials prepare to meet to decide what to do about 'Missing Middle' homes.

FOX 5's Maureen Umeh says the 'Missing Middle' proposal would allow more duplexes and town homes throughout the county.

Currently, the majority of the homes in Arlington are single-family homes, and part of the argument is that it excludes large groups of people from being able to live in Arlington

Those who support 'Missing Middle' homes want changes to the current zoning ordinance to include multi-family housing units which they say would create an opportunity for affordable housing, and diversity in home ownership.

People on the other side say the proposal could hurt the environment, cause overcrowding in schools, and increase traffic.

Officials will meet Wednesday to vote on what proposal the County will move forward with in regards to zoning on 'Missing Middle' homes. A final vote is not expected until March.