Arlington County Schools warn students over tweets

The decision to close schools, or to delay the opening, during times of winter weather, usually draws a reaction from students.

But yet again, a local school district has to tell its students to keep it clean.

You might remember that last year, it was Montgomery County Schools and its superintendent who were dealing with a lot backlash on Twitter.

But when it got inappropriate, and even threatening, the superintendent had to make a personal appeal for kids to cool it.

Now, Arlington County Schools are making that same appeal.

They received several nasty and vulgar tweets Tuesday when they decided to have a two hour delay while many other systems, including neighboring Fairfax, decided to close.

Arlington County School policy say students are expected to be respectful and their online comments are treated in the same way that they would apply in person, on the phone, or in email. Students must be courteous, use appropriate language, must not harass or attack others, and must not "view, send, display, or use profanity, obscenities, sexually explicit, or offensive materials."

Twitter has the right to block any follower, not just students, who do not abide by their policy.