APRIL FOOLS: 5 pranks we really hope you didn't fall for

Be honest: did you get pranked? If the answer is yes, it might sting a little more if the April Fools Day prank that got you was as out there as the ones you see below. Here are five April Fools Day pranks we hope YOU didn't fall for:

1. OPENTABLE TASTE: Sorry to disappoint you, but OpenTable's app does not have a new feature that allows you to get a taste (see what we did there?) of a restaurant's menu by licking the photos on your phone.

PLEASE. No phone licking. Thanks.

2. AMERICAN HISTORY CAFE MENU: You'll be sad to learn that DC's American History Museum is NOT changing its cafe menu to feature 1940s food. But based on the pics, we bet your stomach will thank you.

What... tomato jelly and sponge pudding don't sound good to you?

3. HOOTERS ISLAND: Nope, not gonna happen.

4. EHARMONY PET MATCHES: While some say pets might resemble their owners, EHarmony currently has no plans to expand into the animal matching market. That's matching animals with mates, and not owners with animals.

Who else is confused?

5. AIR & SPACE MUSEUM BREEDING TRIBBLES? Maybe if tribbles were real.... which they're not. Sorry Star Trekkies.