Anti-Trump truck window decal causes controversy for sheriff

Sheriff Nehls says he wanted to talk to the truck owner to try to get the message modified somehow. In his social media post, the sheriff mentions talking to a prosecutor about filing disorderly conduct charges. The tens of thousands of comments on his post are mixed.

"Go Sheriff Troy Nehls go," writes Angie. "I hate profanities that can be seen or heard by children that breeches my peace."

"I'm offended that a sheriff in the US would harass an American citizen over political speech," comments Jason. "Maybe the sheriff should cite himself."

"I think this could be good for America, this is meaningful conversation, meaningful dialogue," says Sheriff Nehls at a news conference following the post getting wide circulation.

Even with the negative backlash, Sheriff Nehls says he does not regret the post, but did seem to back away from considering the disorderly conduct charges.

"I think it could be a fine line," adds Sheriff Nehls. "We don't need to go there."

But people are going there...on Facebook.

"Driver if the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office is stupid enough to arrest you and the DAs office is stupid enough to prosecute you I would be honored to defend you for free," comments Jose.

FOX 26 News knocked on the door of the home of the woman who owns the truck, but she did not care to comment.

In a Twitter post, the ACLU told the sheriff, "you can't prosecute speech just because it has the word "f*ck" in it."