Anti-Trump hotel to open in DC in 2018

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D.C. can often be a partisan town and a new hotel set to open next year is hoping to send a political message.

Located only a half-mile away from the Trump International Hotel, the doors for Eaton D.C. will open in the spring of 2018.

The Eaton Workshop is the brainchild of 36-year-old Katherine Lo. Its tagline is being the world's first politically motivated hotel that is looking to be "inclusive."

Video of former President Barack Obama will be on loop on the walls of this new D.C. space because at this hotel, it is all about being anti-Trump.

At your bedside, you will not only find a Bible, but also a United Nations Declaration for Human Rights and the Quran.

But the inclusion, for now, does not go past all things progressive because at the walls of this 209-room hotel, you can expect to find decor of contrasts, especially between 2012 and 2016.

The hotel will have a radio station, a 50-person cinema, a wellness center with yoga, meditation and alternative treatments, a coffee shop and juice bar, a restaurant and bar, a rooftop bar, a speakeasy, an event space for up to 182 people, rotating art exhibits and a co-working club that can accommodate up to 370 members, according to a press release.

The hotel has no issue with the anti-Trump label. But will it turn you away if you come in chanting President Donald Trump and wearing a Make America Great Again hat? It will not be up to the hotel. D.C. code says discrimination is illegal based on political affiliation.

"We are happy to open our doors to anyone and everyone who is curious about learning more about how we can work towards a world that is more inclusive and welcoming to all," said Lo in a statement.

Room rates for the hotel are estimated to go for $200 a night.