Another woman claims she was swindled by 'Criminal Casanova'

Following our report about a so-called "Criminal Casanova" alleged of swindling a woman in Maryland, FOX 5 has received several calls and emails from other women who were apparently victimized by this same man.

In addition, we have also spoken with people who were not involved with this man romantically, but may have been potentially conned by him through business dealings.

A woman in Montgomery County told FOX 5 on Monday that she was romantically involved with this man she knew as Devon Glaze for two months. They had met through a dating website.

"He claims he went to college," she said. "He never has been to college. He has not even graduated high school. But don't let that fool you. He comes off very intelligent, very confident, which I think that's what makes a professional con artist."

She ultimately realized that he had fleeced her out of $700. When she confronted him, he ended up disappearing.

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However, her friend discovered he had resurfaced on the dating app Tinder - this time identifying himself as "Charles."

Another woman who reached out to FOX 5 following our initial story said it was on the same dating app that she met "Charles Davis." Now, FOX 5 has learned there is another criminal investigation opened up, this one in Howard County, regarding this man.

This latest victim and the woman in Montgomery County have been texting the same phone number and have been communicating with the same man who is pretending to be two different people.

But this man's real name is believed to be Trevor Devon Thornton, a serial con artist who has been arrested and convicted in states as far as Florida and has a criminal record that dates back decades that include charges of felony theft, forgery and fraud.

"I would hate for a woman to become engaged to this guy or have a baby with this guy because I believe he has multiple kids across the U.S.," she said. "I believe he is also married to at least five or six women right now with different names and he is telling them all these different stories of him traveling the world for work, for family and it is not the case. He is conning you."

The phone number both of the victims have been communicating with appears to be listed as the business number for numerous escort and massage websites in Georgia.

The Montgomery County woman we spoke with has text messages with this man dating back to last August. Some contain selfies of him in luxury cars as well as pictures that claim to be of him arriving at Reagan National Airport coming from supposed business trips.

"He could be taking someone else out to dinner and I'm pretty much funding it," she said. "Like another woman is funding the next date and it is just an endless cycle that just needs to be stopped."

And that is exactly what has been happening. Back in January, the same tales were told to his most recent victim in Howard County. She had the same selfie from last year, same airport picture and the same lies. Now, he is pretending to be someone else.

This latest victim said she gave him $1,600 in cash after he lied to her by saying all his assets were frozen and he promised to pay her back.

There are now two criminal investigations that have been opened - one in Montgomery County and one in Howard County.

In Montgomery County, Thornton currently has multiple open arrest warrants for fraud and forgery.