Another Virginia shopping center gives Girl Scout troop the boot

Girl Scouts are being booted out of shopping centers across northern Virginia while selling Girl Scout cookies.

FOX 5 previously reported on a situation in Gainesville. Now, parents say a similar incident happened in Chantilly on Saturday, Feb. 3. 

The girls were reportedly 20 minutes into selling the Girl Scout cookies outside Jen’s Barber at Sully Plaza  Shopping Center, where scout leaders said they had permission to set up shop. 

But a security guard showed up and told the troop to shut down their operation, and then they called Fairfax County police. 


Virginia shopping plaza gives Girl Scout troops the boot, no cookie sales allowed: source

In Northern Virginia, several Girl Scout troops are scrambling and voicing frustrations on social media after they were told they can no longer sell cookies at one of the largest shopping plazas in the Commonwealth.

Chantilly resident and Girl Scout Troop co-leader Lesley Palmer e-mailed FOX 5 the day it happened. 

On Monday via phone, Palmer said that the shopping center hired a private security company. 

They took photos of the officers who showed up. 

Chantilly resident and Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader Lesley Palmer who you just heard from was there that day and tells us the group had permission to be there

FOX 5 called the plaza management company, security, and Fairfax County police, and we’re awaiting their response.