Another highway shooting on I-295 nearby police academy in DC

A shot was fired on the roadway of I-295 Tuesday afternoon. This incident is at the same location as a fatal shooting that happened on May 28 during morning rush hour.

Shootings on highways are extremely rare, so police were on alert Tuesday when it occurred around noon on the highway.

No one was injured.

Police are still looking for the black male shooting suspect. He was a passenger in a green Chevy Impala from around 2001. The shooter left the car and fled through the woods in the direction of the police academy. The driver of the vehicle drove away.

The location of this shooting brought this to a higher alert for authorities. It happened at around Exit 1 of I-295 and is nearby the D.C. police academy, the fire academy and the U.S. Capitol police site for deliveries.

The police academy was on lockdown for an hour while the shooting was under investigation.

Last month, 56-year-old Pedro Alvarado was shot and killed while driving to work during rush hour in his SUV. Police say a dark sedan with three men in the backseat pulled up on the driver side of Alvarado's vehicle, shot him and his passenger, and drove away.

In that incident, I-295 was shut down for hours while police investigated. At the time, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the shooting was an apparent road rage incident, but her deputy later backtracked on that.

Police are asking anyone with information about that green Chevy Impala sedan or if you saw anything suspicious at around Exit 1 on I-295 Tuesday to contact them.