Annapolis parking meters raise money for the homeless

You probably assume all of the change placed into street parking meters goes back to the local government. But for one Maryland city, the money that is inserted into certain meters is actually going to another cause.

In the downtown area of Annapolis, there are three blue-colored meters - one placed on West Street near the visitor's center, another one on Church Circle and a third meter near the Market House. All of the money raised from these three meters goes to a local homeless shelter.

These meters were first installed back in 2008 and are cared for by the city's transportation department. Former Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer first came up with the idea of installing them.

After the city collects $500 from these parking meters, the transportation department writes a check to the Light House Shelter.

Even if people are not parking in the downtown area, city officials are still encouraging pedestrians to feed change into these blue meters to help those in need. As the signs at these meters say, "Give your change to make a change for the homeless."