American University students protest over string of alleged racist incidents

A major protest took place Monday afternoon on the campus of American University.

Students say they are upset about a string of alleged racist incidents that have taken place on campus in recent weeks.

Hundreds of students showed up to the protest that was organized by the university's black student alliance - who say they are outraged over what they say are recent acts of hate.

A sea of students gathered at the student center, members of the BSA used megaphones to talk to the crowd about their concerns involving the recent treatment of two black female students and what they say is a lack of university response.

Earlier this month, a black female student says she had a banana thrown at her while she was in her dorm room. Another black woman says a rotten banana was placed outside her door.

These incidents fueled outrage on campus, some students say there has been too much racial tension here for years and not enough is being done about it.

The university told FOX 5 that two students have been charged in those incidents and are now awaiting a hearing.