American University student faces backlash over question raised to Sen. Sanders during town hall

An American University student is facing backlash after questions she raised to Senator Bernie Sanders at a CNN town hall meeting held earlier this week.

Shadi Nasab brought up a particular incident from 2016 regarding the Bernie Sanders campaign Monday during the town hall.

"As we saw in the 2018 midterms the Democratic Party has become more female, more racially diverse and younger in age. How can a voter like me feel confident in your ability to represent the party especially given that your response to sexual harassment allegations during your campaign is that you were quote, 'a little bit busy running around the country trying to make the case to be elected as president'?" Nasab asked Sanders.

"I was very upset to learn what I learned. When I ran for reelection in Vermont in 2018, we instituted, I think, maybe the strongest protocols against sexual harassment and that will be the protocols we bring in to the 2020 presidential election," said Sanders.

Moments after Nasab asked that question, FOX 5 learned that several threats online were directed toward her, which forced her to delete all of her social media accounts. We also confirmed that Nasab spoke with the American University Police Department shortly after.

On Thursday, we reached out to the Bernie Sanders campaign to see if they had a comment regarding the backlash. They said, "Bernie has made absolutely clear that bullying and harassment of any kind is unacceptable. The question raised was important, and Bernie was glad it was asked."

It appears Nasab is getting flack simply for exercising her First Amendment right. We asked people if they felt the backlash was warranted.

"I think it was definitely a fair question and I think that the backlash is completely unnecessary. She was just asking about a potential candidate for president. She has a right to ask that," said Allie Zuliani.

"Clearly, she shouldn't be getting a lot of, at least, really visceral backlash, but I also think that people have, like, just as she has, a right to express her concern to Bernie Sanders.... people have a right to tell her that like they don't like the way that she's treating a candidate that they support. But obviously no one should be getting violent threats," said Kayla Banjamin.

We contacted Nasab for comment, but she declined.