American resident of Wuhan says life getting back to normal: 'The situation is greatly improving'

An empty street is seen in Wuhan on March 4, 2020 (Photo by NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Life at the epicenter of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been "greatly improving," San Francisco native and Wuhan, China resident Doug Perez said Tuesday.

Appearing on "Fox & Friends First" with host Jillian Mele, Perez said that at the beginning of the outbreak he faced a "lot of hardship," but in the past few weeks "the situation has transformed dramatically."

"Yesterday, for example, we only had one new case of coronavirus — one confirmed case in Wuhan," said Perez. "So, the situation is greatly improving recently. And, we're optimistic that we're almost through it over here."

However, Perez noted that a quarantine is still in effect in Wuhan — as are a lot of restrictions for its residents.

"That being said, we're still dependent on deliveries and the delivery services have been very reliable. Recently we can access even fast-food services via delivery. Everything comes within an hour," he explained.

"So, actually, the situation has been improving a lot and life's starting to return to normal a bit recently. So, we're actually really happy about that," he told Mele. "But, prior to that, it was much worse."

Perez said that going to the grocery store was a constant struggle. But, even when you got there, they wouldn't let people in — experiences that were mentally "very tough" for him.

"My advice would be, of course, to stock up and be safe. Wash your hands," he cautioned. "But, I think if you keep a positive mindset and you focus on making it through it. Not leaving the house — complying with the quarantine. I'm really confident that the U.S. will make it through it."

To date, there are over 181,000 confirmed cases worldwide with over 7,100 deaths. More than 81,000 of those cases were recorded in China, with over 3,200 deaths. The United States now has more than 4,600 cases with over 80 deaths reported.