All eyes on President Biden as NATO Summit is well underway

President Biden must put his best foot forward this week at the NATO Summit in Washington, D.C., to prove he can serve as his party’s nominee.

Twelve days after what could be considered one of the most damaging debate performances in American history, the President is fighting for political survival nationwide and seeking to reassure the Democratic Party.

Biden must use NATO’s 75th-anniversary summit to prove that age is just a number and that his debate performance against former President Donald Trump was nothing more than a bad night.

"This week is pivotal for President Biden, not only because of the intense interest in what he will be saying at his press events but also because this summit provides a clear example of restored American global leadership in support of our nation’s defense," former State Department official Joel Rubin said.


NATO Summit 2024: DC road closures, parking restrictions, and other impacts

Residents and visitors to the nation’s capital can expect increased security measures across much of the downtown area as NATO leaders meet for a summit commemorating the 75th anniversary of the military alliance.

Biden opened the NATO Summit with a forceful speech, aiming to decimate doubts regarding his ability to serve as president and pledging to forcefully defend Ukraine against Russia.

"Putin wants nothing less, nothing less, than Ukraine’s total subjugation… and to wipe Ukraine off the map," Biden said in his opening speech at the NATO Summit. "Ukraine can and will stop Putin." The President vowed that the United States would prioritize Ukraine when providing foreign assistance and exporting critical air defense interceptors.

The strong and confident speech delivered by the President was widely dismissed due to it being scripted and read from a teleprompter.

"We don’t see how he can come back after the debate," said a European Diplomat. "I can’t imagine him being at the helm of the U.S. and NATO for four more years."

Both Biden’s presidency is at stake and potentially the future of the transatlantic alliance that has aided in keeping peace in a large portion of the world for more than half a century.

The former President has repeatedly dismissed the importance of NATO while showing admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump said he would allow Russia to do "whatever the hell they want" with countries that don’t meet NATO defense-funding requirements and that he would pressure Ukraine into a peace deal with Russia that would see Kyiv cede territory in the process if he wins the presidency.

President Biden has made traditional alliances abroad the epicenter of his foreign policy after former President Trump distanced and challenged allies through his "America First" approach.


75th NATO Summit kicks off in DC

The 75th NATO Summit kicked off in D.C. Tuesday, bringing with it world leaders, traffic and massive security.

"Look, foreign leaders have seen Joe Biden up close and personal for the last three years," a senior administration official said. "They know who they’re dealing with, and, you know, they know how effective he’s been."

The Democratic Party and voters across the nation are still itching with concern.

Texas Senator John Cornyn broke the silence among the Republican Party, warning of Biden’s "weakness" before the NATO Summit.

"President Biden has one job to do, and that’s to deliver a clear and powerful message to our allies," he said. "I hope President Biden can summon up the energy, and the forcefulness, and the ability to express this important message to our friends and allies around the world because our adversaries are watching, but so are our friends." 

Biden will hold his first solo press conference since November this Thursday evening.