Air Force One replica exhibit opens at National Harbor Friday

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You can fly like the Commander in Chief - or at least imagine you are while touring a full-sized replica of Air Force One at the National Harbor.

The new exhibit, called the Air Force One Experience, is a re-creation of the famous plane used to transport the President of the United States. A Boeing 747 has been repurposed to look like the legendary plane.

The replica plane made its way up the Potomac River on a barge two weeks ago, and is now on display at National Harbor.

The plane was built to resemble the real aircraft both inside and out. Visitors will find presidential artifacts inside, as well as re-creations of the interior rooms.

Becky Schultz, the first woman to work as a flight attendant on Air Force One, worked for Presidents Reagan, W. Bush and Clinton.

"It looks exactly like it, it's beautiful. Brings back a lot of memories," said Schultz.

The exhibit will open at National Harbor on Friday and will remain in the water near 165 Waterfront Street through the holiday season.

FOX 5's Bob Barnard got a sneak peak at the plane ahead of the exhibit's opening. Take a look yourself in the video player above.

Find ticket information and more information about the exhibit online.