After rough winter potholes plague area roads

Just one drive around area roads and you're sure to quickly encounter a pothole.

Potholes form when water seeps below the road surface, freezes and expands.

This development pushes the pavement upward while the traffic above further stresses the roadway.

When temperatures warm up and the pavement thaws, it gradually falls into the hole and eventually traffic chips away and expands the pothole.

Transportation officials across the region have plans in place so drivers can report potholes.

To report a pothole:

-If the road is a numbered route contact Maryland State Highway at 301.513.7300.

-For repairs on county roads (generally roads with names, not numbers), please contact the appropriate local jurisdiction

-Baltimore City or Washington, D.C. call 311

-For Toll Highways (MD 200/ICC, I-95 from Baltimore City to Delaware, I-895, I-395, I-695/Key Bridge, US 50/Bay Bridge, US 40/Hatem Bridge and US 301/Nice Bridge) email