After gunfire at Trenton arts festival, leaders urge it be held again

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TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- New Jersey's governor is urging Trenton to keep holding its annual all-night arts festival despite the outbreak of violence at this year's event.

Democrat Phil Murphy said Monday the impoverished city of about 85,000 needs something "like that now more than ever." The festival has been a badge of pride for the city.

An outbreak of apparent gang-related gunfire early Sunday at the festival left a suspected gunman dead and 22 others injured.

Mayor-elect Reed Gusciora agrees the event should be held again but says new security measures may be needed.

The all-night arts showcase started 12 years ago. Residents say it typically has a fun vibe, but Sunday's event seemed tense.

It's held over a mile from downtown, in a historic former factory that supplied cables for the Brooklyn and Golden Gate bridges.