Abused dog rescued from South Korea adopted by Phoenix family

Warning: Some of the details of this story may be difficult to hear.

In the United States dogs are considered a part of many people's families, but in others they are considered something to eat.

A puppy rescued from an underground meat market on the other side of the world is now recovering from horrific abuse, and is on her way to her new home in Phoenix.

Raising dogs for meat is of course not widely accepted here, but in South Korea, it's legal and in fact quite common. "Chi Chi the dog" was being raised for her meat and badly abused when he was rescued and fitted with some special prosthetics. Now he can flourish in her new home in Phoenix.

Without a single paw 2-year-old Chi Chi musters all her strength to scoot across the floor. She was a prisoner in a meat market and was destined for the butcher block.

"She was bound by her legs, tied up, almost hog tied, wrapped with wire twine or something, tortured, maybe even hung upside down," said Richard Howell.

Chi Chi's future owner says her infections were so bad the butcher deemed her meat rancid, and tossed her in a dumpster to die. ARME a global animal welfare group rescued Chi Chi and had to amputate all her paws to save her life.

"When you see video of her spirit to live, and will to live, it's just amazing and that was something that really captured our attention and helped us connect with her even though we've never met," said Howell.

Chi Chi will be fitted with 4 prosthetic legs before arriving in the United States. She will join Labrador Maggie and beagles Kippur and Harry who were both rescued from animal testing labs. 12-year-old Megan Howell hopes Chi will sleep by her side, and inspire other amputees with her strength and courage.

"I think it's important to bring Chi Chi here, because she just needs a family that is going to love her and care for her and I think that she can make a positive difference in the world," said Megan Howell.

Chi Chi will fly to the U.S. with her own care team in early March and move in with the Howells a few weeks later. Chi Chi's story has gone viral and she even has her own Facebook page.

Online: http://bit.ly/21llfhZ