91-year-old man crashes car into neighbor's house in Lanham

A 91-year-old man lost his car and a little bit of his pride after his foot pressed a little too firmly on the accelerator and he plowed his Ford vehicle into a neighbor's home.

No one was hurt, but the home sustained quite a bit of damage.

Fortunately, no one was home when the elderly man, who lives right across the street, plowed right into the family room of the Lanham home.

The driver, Melvin Calhoun, says he wasn't hurt in the crash that left the front end of his Ford Fusion buried deep inside the family room.

The retired postal worker says he was on his way to his girlfriend's house when he lost control.

"Well, I got to say, I probably won't be driving no more," he told us.

Calhoun's family has been trying to get him to stop driving.

"Driving means everything to you," Calhoun said. "It's going to be hard [to let go]. My insurance will probably drop me anyway."

Witnesses say Calhoun had just backed out of his driveway when he suddenly veered off his neighbor's car and swiftly went up the lawn of the house next door.

"That's the third time he hit my car … "I had a silver [Nissan] Altima. He backup up into that one," said neighbor Derrick Campbell.

The man who owns the house came home as soon as he heard the news.

"It's amazing," said Maruye Ayelaw. "I couldn't figure out how the car came and hit into that because of the location here. I was just talking with my friend about how a car could get such force and get inside."

How did authorities get Calhoun out of his car?

"We had to shore up the vehicles first," said Mark Brady of Prince George's County Fire and EMS. "So while we were extricating him, the vehicle didn't shift or move onto our firefighters, so once we had the vehicle secured, we used some simple firefighter tools, a halligan bar and an ax to pop the door and allow him to get out."

Brady said paramedics wanted to take Calhoun to the hospital, but he declined.

Prince George's County police gave Calhoun a ticket while we were here.

As far as the damage to the house, it has not been condemned and the family has been allowed to go back inside.