8-week-old puppy found in plastic bin with leg missing

Eight-week-old Nora must have a guardian angel.

A bicyclist in Cullen Park heard her crying. She was in this Tupperware container with a blanket and one of her legs missing.

"Whoever left her, knew that she was hurt and they just left her in a bucket," said veterinarian Emma Brawn with Vergi Animal Emergency Hospital.

The good Samaritan who found her called dog rescuer Zaira Causey.

"The smell was just horrible and she had maggots crawling all over her side," Causey said. "She immediately wanted to kiss me so I knew she would fight for her life."

"Seeing her face screaming out in pain in the Tupperware bin she was dumped in was just absolutely heartbreaking," said Katie Wing co-founder of Houston K-911 Rescue.

Wing's rescue is footing the bill for Nora to be treated at Vergi Emergency Animal Hospital.

"Eventually she'll have to have that leg amputated," Brawn said.

No one but Nora and the person who dumped her to die know what happened to her missing leg.

"It's so heartless, it's cruel and it's also illegal," Wing said.

The Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force is now investigating.