$750 for a single cupcake

In Las Vegas, some high rollers are spending more money on a single pastry than most folks spend on their entire wedding cake.

It's called the ‘Decadence D'or' cupcake and it costs $750. The opulent pastry is served at the Venetian and Palazzo resorts. The cupcake itself is comprised of a red velvet cake base, topped with 14 karat gold and luxurious Louis XIII cognac.

"It's got a really delicious chocolate flavor," pastry chef Michelle Turbano told FoxNews.com. "Really marvelous."

Executive Chef Johann Springinsfeld starts the base with a crumbly red velvet cake. He then fills it with a fine chocolate ganache and handmade vanilla bean caviar. The confection is adorned with a hand-blown sugar Fleur-De-Lis and then infused with the luxurious Louis XVIII cognac-- which retails for over $2,500.