68-year-old woman killed in SE DC shooting

A woman in a wheelchair was shot and killed Monday morning when D.C. police say she was caught in the crossfire of a gun battle.

Family members say Vivian Marrow, 68, of Southeast, D.C. was on the way to the corner store when she was shot. Police say a second victim, a man, was also wounded in the exchange of gunfire near the intersection of Elvans road and Stanton road southeast.

Marrow is described as a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She's been using a powered scooter since the 80's after being hit by a car, according to family members.

Marrow was known as the candy lady, and was always looking out for the little ones.

"It's really messed up-- I'm really at a loss for words because my mom was a wonderful lady and she know that and she looked out for all of my family and cousins and even some of the people up there--they called her mom--you know what I'm saying?" William Marrow, Vivian's son explained.

D.C. police spent hours working the crime scene Monday, marking shell casing after shell casing after shell casing. Officials say it appears that there was an exchange of gun fire and that they did not recover a weapon from the scene.

A law enforcement source familiar with the investigation says the second person shot, an adult male, may have also been caught in the crossfire ass well but that is still under investigation.

"We have made inroads into the crime in this particular area but there are still some bad actors up here and we say it all the time, anybody who is willing to open up and fire gunshots in our community we are not going to tolerate that," said Intern Chief Pete Newsham.

A D.C. police crime camera keeps constant watch on the street, and in recent months officers were stationed in the neighborhood around the clock.

"You're ignorant if you're up here in broad daylight pretty much shooting because it could have been somebody else's mom or kid," said William.

Mayor Bowser released a statement on Marrow's death:

"Today, because of senseless gun violence, Washington, DC lost another resident, three children lost their mother, and eleven grandchildren lost their grandmother. There is no excuse for this type of violence. Because someone engaged in reckless gunfire in broad daylight while others were outside trying to live their lives, we now have another family dealing with tragedy and another community rattled by the loss of a beloved neighbor. This violence must stop, and the person or people responsible for killing Vivian Marrow must be brought to justice. We are asking anyone with information to call the police at 202-727-9099 or send an anonymous tip to the Text Tip Line by text messaging 50411."

A GoFundMe account has been created for Vivian to help funeral arrangements.