6-year-old's wish is for foster kids to have PJs

A six-year-old boy in Richmond's birthday wish was to help children less fortunate than himself and he's doing it by holding a pajama drive.

Walt Sutton has collected boxes of new pajamas with the help of his mom, dad and little sister.

It took just about a month for Walt to collect more than 200 pairs of pajamas. His goal is to bring joy to foster children.
"Make their life better,"said Walt. He started the drive on January 23rd.
"I collected my first 31 pajamas from my birthday when I turned six," said the kindergartner.
He asked friends for new pajamas so he can give them to foster children.

Walt says he chose pajamas because they're cozy and comforting, but more importantly, "They might not be able to take their toys from place to place so at least they can be thankful they can take their pajamas from place to place," said Walt.

He says he learned about the art of giving from his family. His mother worked for a nonprofit and his grandmother volunteers her time helping foster children. Then he saw the Sleep Train commercial that asks for donations to help foster children.

"Not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child" is the slogan that struck Walt.
The little boy says he's sad foster children don't have what he calls a forever home.

"They have to go to a different home and a different home and a different home," said Walt.
He also asked his mother to help put his donation drive online.

"I hope people will watch this and have that same feeling in them that one person can make a difference," said his mother Celina Sutton.

So far, he's already raised over $5,400 on gofundme and surpassed his original goal of 185 pairs of pajamas, but he wants to continue.

"People will start doing more things as much as they can, giving up money so I can keep on giving," said Walt.

He says there are lots of foster children who need help .

"More children will become foster children and I know they'll need clothes too," said Walt.
He and his family plan to bring all the pajamas to Sleep Train next week.