3 injured after commuter bus crashes into Arlington building

A commuter bus crashed into a building in Arlington Wednesday evening. The accident occurred at 12th Street S near Army Navy Drive.

There were no passengers onboard the OmniRide bus, but Arlington County police said three people, the bus driver, a pedestrian and a customer at a day spa, were transported to Virginia Hospital Center with minor injuries. A fourth person refused to be transported to the hospital.

Fire officials said the bus struck another car while making a turn and ended up veering into the building. Witnesses said the driver lost control while making the sharp right turn at an intersection.

A woman's car parked outside the building was struck as the bus careened out of control.

"We knew something was going on because we saw the bus coming around the corner and then we saw lots of people running," said Angela Ayres, who was getting her hair done at a neighboring salon. "We ran out there and there was the bus in the massage salon and my car is just in pieces all over the front of it."

"We are talking to witnesses to determine what caused the accident -- whether there was an obstruction in the roadway, medical condition and anything like that," said Arlington County Police spokesperson Ashley Savage. "Everything is still under investigation."

The bus was towed away at around 7:40 p.m. Structural engineers evaluated the building and determined there was no structural damage and no need to evacuate.