3 cows on the loose in Loudoun County

Animal control officials say two cows and a calf are on the loose in Loudoun County. Leesburg police tell FOX 5 at least two cows, a calf and a bull escaped from a farm near Loudoun County High School on Monday afternoon.

According to Loudoun County Animal Control Chief Mark Stacks, the animals were able to escape from a grazing property on Dry Mill Road in Leesburg Monday afternoon. Officers were able to track the bull down in the 100 block of Governors Drive near the golf course and get it back to the farm, with the help of a veterinarian who was called to sedate it.

The two cows and calf are still on the loose. Virginia State Sen. Jennifer Wexton captured video of the three animals roaming around in a residential neighborhood. Authorities are still searching for them, but have not received calls of any sightings as of Wednesday.

If anyone has any information about the loose cows, you are asked to call Loudoun County Animal Control at 703-777-0406.