3, 6-year-old brothers killed in Clifton house fire have 'Honor Walk' ahead of organ donation

It’s been a deeply emotional day for one Fairfax County family that’s hard for many to imagine: An Honor Walk was held Thursday at Children's National Hospital for two northern Virginia brothers, just 3 and 6 years old, who died after being trapped inside their burning home last week.  

The boy's organs were recovered days after their passing, giving the gift of life to others in need.  

It was a somber ceremony for the Brice family of Clifton, Virginia as they left Children’s National Hospital Thursday morning, surrounded by relatives, friends and hospital staff.  

The family shared photos from their morning with FOX 5, as they said goodbye to the two boys.

William, 6, and Zachariah, 3, were declared brain dead on Sunday but were kept alive so their organs could be recovered.

Their father, Jamey Brice later shared video as William and Zachariah were escorted through the hallways of Children's National to the hospital's operating room.

"Well Zachariah and William are heroes and today, they are going to save up to nine lives because of the selfless and brave decision that their parents made on their behalf to say yes to organ donation," said Jecoliah Daniels with Infinite Legacy, a non-profit that facilitates organ and tissue donation. "So we are honoring their life today and their legacy and that's how we do it — with an Honor Walk."

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Later on outside the hospital, Jamey, his wife Riena and their older sons, 8-year-old Logan and 13-year-old Seth, helped to raise an organ donation flag outside the hospital.

"We 100 percent know that William and Zachariah are in heaven right now. They're leading us and guiding us to make a difference and they're going to be honored as heroes here," Jamey said. 

William and Zachariah's organs will be used by patients in the D.C. region and at hospitals as far as several states away.

FOX 5 spoke to the Brice family's pastor from Love Church in Gainesville, Virginia about how they're able to keep their faith strong after such an unimaginable loss.

"The testimony of somebody walking through suffering is something that the world doesn't have to offer. How do you walk through suffering?  In no other context is there any way to make sense of suffering except for our faith and so we just believe that Jesus said there will be suffering but take heart I am with you," Pastor Josh Baird said. "So the only way to walk through it is with him. He walked the road of suffering. We walk the road of suffering. That is what is carrying Jamey and Reina on."

Fairfax County fire investigators still have not said what caused the fire at the Brice family home last Wednesday. 

William and Zachariah were trapped upstairs while their grandparents and brother Logan were able to escape. Logan quickly called 911 but the two young boys had already inhaled heavy smoke, and they were unconscious when firefighters pulled them out of the home. Jamey, Reina and Seth were not at home. 

The first responders who pulled William and Zachariah from the house met with the family Thursday.

"The department, obviously, are human so they've taken it pretty hard as well but being here with the family. This is just a small group that was able to be here today is definitely comforting and just being able to spend time with them has been really helpful for our department," Mitchell Clark with the Fairfax County Fire Department.

And although the family is heartbroken, they’re taking some solace knowing that their boys have helped save the lives of others. 

"The impact of this selfless decision is going to live on for a long time to come," said Baird. "It is horrific that they will be heading home today without their two sons but the hope and the healing that organ donation can provide and the gift and the chance...just to know that their life lives on can be very healing for families in situations like this."